Ubiquity Machine’s “Beautiful Girl” is a testament to their musical prowess and their ability to create a captivating sonic experience

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If you’re a fan of artists who defy genres and deliver thought-provoking music, Ubiquity Machine is a band worth keeping an eye on.

Their unique sound and lyrical panache make them a standout in the music landscape, and “Beautiful Girl” is just a taste of what they have to offer. Prepare to be mesmerised by their alluring melodies, poignant lyrics and exceptional musicianship.

"Beautiful Girl" is a fun and well-crafted song that's perfect for anyone looking to add some energy to their playlist.

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"Beautiful Girl" is a lively and downbeat track that's sure to get you dancing. The song features funky guitar riffs, groovy basslines, and catchy lyrics that will have you singing along in no time. The lead singer's smooth and soulful voice perfectly complements the engaged instrumentals, creating a fun and infectious vibe.

follow the creativity of the cool and mysterious Ubiquity Machine

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Ubiquity Machine's style has an original essence that is expressed in catchy motifs, cool guitar hooks and some mysterious atmosphere flying over their songs. The track 'Beautiful Girl' has a minimalist alternative sound in which every note and every beat is felt. 

The slow and magnetic rhythm fascinates from the first bars and and allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the extraordinary vibes of this piece of music. Velvet vocals have their own specificity that hypnotizes and invites us to visit a place where feelings and passion become one whole.

If you haven’t already checked out Ubiquity Machine then you ought to

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Blending a cool bassline, funky guitars and excellent leads on keys “Beautiful Girl” is a song in a style you’d think you'd heard before but is outstandingly unique in its techniques and flourishes.

The song is also masterfully produced with the instruments being powerful and carrying a heavy presence in the mix without overshadowing the vocals which are clear and heartfelt

Beautiful Girl - Ubiquity Machine

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After a few outstanding compositions, such as Hey You and Radio, Ubiquity Machine returns with another exceptional standalone single that will undoubtedly appeal to anyone into flawlessly executed alternative music.

Beautiful Girl resonates with some of the best elements alternative rock music can offer, but this is not the only style you’ll stumble upon in this ear-appealing journey