Ubiquity Machine's release, "Combustioneer," is an authentic masterpiece


The track boasts a sultry blend of languid melodies and dual-channel vocals that seamlessly transcend boundaries, encapsulating the enigmatic essence of a passionate encounter while pushing the limits of musical exploration.

"Combustioneer" is a testament to their ability to defy convention and enthrall audiences, sparking a fervor that resonates far beyond the boundaries of sound. Ubiquity Machine's latest masterpiece is a must-listen for anyone seeking a truly immersive and boundary-pushing musical experience.

Daniel FloRes - our favorite Fan!

Rolling Stone, Argentina

Fun as always.. and great stuff for playlists

Will share the link asap. Thanks for the music.

Wins and Convinces

Ghost Record Label

"Hey You" turns out to be a proposition, with a dynamic sound impact that manages to drag the listener towards a constantly fluid and sometimes jagged dimension. A song whose details are enough to capture the attention of lovers of the genre. A general rhythm that gives a good flow to the whole path, giving pure melody and atmosphere. With this new song, he shows that he knows how to move in his Alt. Punk Rock environment, too often navigated by trivial and obvious proposals, while in this case we are faced with a proposal, careful not to neglect any detail to propose a track that wins and convinces.