If The Smiths and Rolling Stones had a son, it would be Ubiquity Machine in "Radio"”


Ubiquity Machine's latest release, "Combustioneer," is an authentic masterpiece.” - EARMILK

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"This band stands out from the crowd, and their music will literally take you to a parallel universe... Ubiquity Machine are not afraid to experiment and follow musical paths never walked before"”

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Project details and Biography

Ubiquity Machine Is Dan Marsh (the Rabbit) and Howard Rabach.  We have been writing and performing Alternative/Indie music for more than a decade in the DC Metro area. 

Our Project - Ubiquity Machine - is focused on delivering a deeper connection with the audience. Lyrics are about existing in the world, and provide interesting or insightful takes that encourage the more than casual listener to return to the music. The melody and music interplay provides new and interesting moments upon re-listen.  We are focused on 'stickability' and the experience. Ubiquity Machine keeps the interested and selective listener engaged musically, lyrically and visually. 

The first album takes our love of the Alternative/Indie genre and leans on our Psychedelic, Pop, Rock, Folk and Blues influences to give the music depth and re-listenability.   

Howard has played all over the DC music scene, is a highly trained veteran musician and producer, with over 25 years of performing, touring and recording experience. He is also an active member of bands The Grey A and Finster.  Dan worked with multiple projects in the UK before emigrating to the USA and after taking time out for a successful business career and kids.. is now back to making music!    

The two have been writing together for more than a decade and have a stable of more than 100 songs. Both are multi-instrumentalists, producers and songwriters.   

"Modern Life is a Ubiquity Machine"    

My initial first impression of Ubiquity Machine was that it sounded like a weird and wonderful mix of all the music I had ever loved growing up”

Joe Wolfe-Mazeres, E2TG


If you haven’t already checked out Ubiquity Machine then you ought to. ” - Lost In The Manor

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