Album: where we are and where we want to be

Our first album is being released throughout 2023.  With themes about surviving the modern world, depression, anxiety and love, this wide ranging and thought provoking album is stuffed with catchy songs and captivating music. 

Ubiquity Machine's influences are wide and we have tried to put a little of everything we love in here!

Beautiful Girl

Released May 2023

Beautiful Girl is a love song--but not one you've heard before.

After their successful second release "Radio", Indie O'Clock proclaimed, "If the Smiths and Rolling Stones had a son, it would be Ubiquity Machine."

In the same way Ubiquity Machine blend rock and indie into a post-genre sound unlike any other, the lyrics effortlessly combine love, loneliness, change, redemption and even the devil.

Love is not just one thing, and says as much about the person who feels it as the beloved


Released March 2023

Ubiquity Machine release a powerful commentary on decoding the mind-altering nature of mainstream media with evocative sophomore single, Radio.

Toe-tapping, it is gripping to listen to

The track’s deep and thought-provoking message, combined with the duo’s impeccable musicianship and songwriting, make for an impressive listening experience.

Hey You

Released February 2023

This alt-rock song is a deviation from the norm, with its hard-hitting strings and sick drums that will leave you entranced from start to finish.

The story behind the song is a tale of growing up alone at home and the search for a place in the world that feels like home. It's a universal theme that many of us can relate to, and the song captures it perfectly.

It's a standout song that showcases the band's talent and versatility, and it's sure to leave you wanting more