Ubiquity Machine is our band. Our *genre* is Alternative/Indie... but we are influenced by 'everything' in this post-genre world, including electronic, rock, synth, and pop ... in fact, anything that sounds *good* and makes us want to listen.

Ubiquity Machine takes impactful and meaningful lyrics and melds an Alt/Indie/Rock sound with influences we love from this year, and all the way back to the 60s!

The first album takes our love of the Alternative/Indie genre and leans on our Psychedelic, Pop, Rock, Folk and Blues influences to give the music depth and re-listenability. 

Ours is the age-old story.... making music for ourselves... and then we find out our friends and 'friends of friends' are listening to it when we aren't around... because they like it.... so... hmmm.... we think it's good! ... OK! So let's do this thing!

The modern world is a Ubiquity Machine. 



LATEst Visuals from ubiquity machine

Where We Are And Where We Want To Be

Ubiquity Machine

Limited Edition Vinyl! This version of our first release was printed in 2019 with an official release planned for 2020... but... COVID hit and we took a siesta! We are releasing streaming singles and this album in the first half of 2023... but you can buy the whole thing in it's native Vinyl form anytime (or until it's sold out).

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